River Tern Lodge is The Property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd, Govt. of Karnataka

Welcome to riverternlodge.com
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Welcome to River Tern Lodge
The Property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd, Govt. of Karnataka

Situated in the midst of the Western Ghats of Chikmaglur district in Karnataka, surrounded by the lofty hill ranges of Babubudangiri. The River Tern Lodge is a perfect blend of nature and wildlife. The lodge gets its name from the congregation of thousands of River Terns during their breeding on a nearby island.
Indeed a spectacular sight to behold! You can get mesmerized by observing their preening, feeding, cackling and many interesting antics. It is located on a hillock, at the edge of the picturesque Bhadra River, near Lakkavalli, adjoining the northern boundaries of the Bhadra Tiger
Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. Soft waves of backwaters of the river lash the edge periodically, harmonizing the sounds of nature, to put you in a perfect state of bliss. The River Tern Lodge is the ideal spot to get acquainted with nature in its serene beauty.
The River Tern Lodge has currently ten twin-beded accommodations - five cottages and five log cabins with cozy interiors to ensure nothing but pure serenity and privacy.
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Apart from wildlife viewing through exciting jeep rides into the Bhadra Tiger Reserve Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 4km from the resort, there are water based adventures
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The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of rich avian life with birds like the Grey junglefowl, Red spurfowl, Painted bush quail, Emerald dove, Southern green imperial pigeon,
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